Smokers Outpost Table Cigarette Ashtray Receptacle

$49.95  $90.00

Smokers Outpost Table Cigarette Ashtray Receptacle

This fantastic item brings together our compact smokers outpost receptacle with a small table to provide you with the perfect spot to smoke and relax.  Now you can enjoy your cigarette without worrying about emptying your ashtray or having cigarette butt and ash exposed. Unit screws tightly closed to quickly extinguish smoldering cigarettes, keep butts away from children and animlas, and prevent acumulation of rain water.  Metal bucket inside ashtray collects cigarette litter and allows for quick emptying when needed.  Security loops allow the receptacle to be secured using our securitye wire kit or your own cable.

Specifications:  30”   Tall  12” Wide  12” Deep


Security Cable Kit

Security Wire Kit

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