Floor Ashtrays

Metal Floor Smoking Urn
$55.95 - $67.95

Floor Ashtrays

Plastic Floor Ashtray

Plastic Floor
Outdoor Ashtrays

$39.95 - $68.95

Pole Receptacle Floor Ashtrays

Pole Receptacle Floor Ashtrays

Floor Sand Top Ashtray

Floor Sand Urn Top Ashtray
$125  $99.95

Test Tube Cigarette Receptacle
$410.00  $340.00

Cigarette Receptacle
Triangle Cigartte Butt Ashtray

Triangle Cigarette Butt Ashtray
$145  $120.00

Square Ashtray Trash Can

Square Snuff Top Ashtray Trash Can
$115.00  $99.95

Carafe Cigarette Receptacle

Carafe Cigarette Butt Receptacle
$275  $225.00

Rounded Cigartte Butt Receptacles

SleekSteel Cigarette Butt Receptacles
$210  $199.00

CobbleStone Post Cigarette Butt Recepacle

CobbleStone Post Cigarette Receptacle
$185   $155.95

Flip Top Floor Cigartte Ashtray

Flip Top
Cigarette Ashtray

$125 $99.95

Smokers Oasis Outdoor Ashtray

Outdoor Cigarette Butt Receptacle
$165  $139.95

Plastic Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle
$85  $59.00

Plastic Outdoor Cigarrte Ashtray

Vintage Flip Top Ashtrays
$210  $159.00

Vintage Flip Top Ashtray
Round Large Capacity Trash Can Ashtray

Round Garbage Can with Ashtray
$455  $359.95


Sand Top Floor Ashtray

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