The Smokers Outpost ashtray is the standard in cost effective cigarette butt litter containment. Designed to quickly extinguish cigarettes by reducing oxygen supply, while keeping out rain.  Made of high grade plastic that is manufactured to stand up to heavy use and harsh weather. Large 4 gallon bucket can hold thousands of cigarette butts before needing to be emptied.  Attached loops provide the ability to secure unit in place with our available secure wire kit, or your own cable. A smaller model for those on a budget or in lower traffic or home environments.

Specifications:  42” Tall   14” Wide   14” Deep

Smokers Outpost Cigarette Ashtray

Product # DCC-ENT

Smokers Outpost Cigarette Ashtray


Security Wire Kit

Smokers Outpost Cigarette Butt Ashtray
Smokers Outpost
Smokers Outpost Cigarette Ashtray

$73.95    $95.00

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