Wire Clothing Hamper Cart with Triangle Hanging Bar

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Product # RBC100E91
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Chrome Basket

$155.00  $180

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This large capacity commercial grade wire basket laundry cart features a single hanging bar that allows for the hanging of clothes, while still enabling the cart to be stored under a counter or table.  Pole also allowing the cart to be more easily maneuvered. Designed for heavy duty use in Laundromats, this cart is perfect for any environment, including in homes and high rise apartments.  Heavy duty chrome plated basket features a gray bumper to protect walls and equipment.  Specially designed 5” Wheels prevent lint and thread build up, and offer exceptionally smooth movement.  Unit ships in two boxes for quick and easy assembly. Available in your choice of basket color. Pole and hanging bar are always Chrome. The wire basket is 11” Deep and the hanging triangular hanging bar is 23” Long.

Specifications:   27” Long x 22.5” Wide x  65” Tall

Wire Laundry Cart / Basket - with Casters

Wire Laundry Cart
2.5 Bushel - Chrome

Wire Cart W/ Bar
2.5 Bushel - Chrome

Laundry Hamper Cart - Chrome Wire - Hanging Bar
Front Load Laundry Hamper Cart

Front Load Wire Laundry Cart

Wire Laundry Hamper Cart with Triangle Hangnig Bar

Price Breaks
4 or More - 5% Off
8 or More - 10% Off

Front Load Wire Cart w/ Dbl Bar

Front Loading Wire Laundry Hamper with Hanger Bar

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