Ashtray Post Cigarette Butt Recetpacles

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Product # GLC4403

High End Ashtray Post Cigarette Butt Receptacles

These high end Available in Satin Brass or Aluminum, these stylish and durable cigarette disposal ashtrays are completely weatherproof, windproof, and fireproof.  Made of solid 1/8” tick seamless aluminum, this ashtray has an intelligently designed security locking system that makes emptying easy.  Satin Brass model can not tarnish, and thus does not need polishing.  Heavy weighted base provides added stability.  Internal cigarette snuffer panel allows for extinguishing of cigarettes and cigars before being deposited into the unit.  Self-Extinguishing design reduces smoldering. Also available in 16 Colors.

Specifications:  42” Tall   x  14” Diam. Base
Weight:  28 lbs.

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