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BigDome Cigarette Ashtray Receptacle

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Product # LSC268

$110  $79.50

BigDome Cigarette Ashtray Receptacle (Tan & Black)
BigDome Outdoor Cigarette Ashtray (Gray, Hunter Green & Stone)

The BigDome Cigarette Ashtray receptacle makes it clear that its there to collect all the cigarette butts you can send its way.  Large dome-top base holds a 4 gallon steel pail that has the capacity to hold several thousand cigarette butts. The top of the unit has markings that use pictures and arrows to make it clear how the ashtray is to be used regardless of what language you speak.  Built with heavy duty plastic, this receptacle constricts oxygen flow to extinguish butts faster. Curved surfaces discourage patrons from placing trash or other items on it. Security eye-hole allows container to be secured with a padlock and cable.

BigDome Cigarette Butt Receptacle Pail

Diameter: 17”
Height:  39”

Includes metal pail with handle.

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